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So delish

I love this coffee and will be ordering again soon.

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Donut shop for the win!

I think the only coffee that should get 5 stars would have to have a cupping score of 100 which would cost hundreds of dollars and be extremely rare. I gave 5 stars anyhow because of the free shipping. This coffee tastes great. The only thing I added was sugar but I also tried it without. I could drink it all day. And I will. It's that type of coffee. Thanks!

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Attempted to be thorough.

I've included pictures of my set up and how I choose to grind my coffee beans. Also displaying closeups of the actual beans in whole bean form and once they're grinded.

First things first. It took 4 business from when I ordered until I received it. It terms of what they state, that appears to be average or above.

In terms of a medium roast, these appear to be roasted as they should. Bean quality looks good.

I do follow the recommended amount of ground coffee per cup size and add a little more because there's never an issue with making it a little stronger. I like tasting the actual profile of single origin so I drink mine black.

The tasting profile states it should include dried orange, berry and chocolate. The chocolate or cocoa flavor is certainly present. Not powerfully overwhelming. Certainly not very light. You can pick up on the other profiles, lightly. I think the more you think about it, the more you can taste it. The overall flavor certainly stayed consistent.

It smelled wonderful as I was grinding it. The taste is smooth and the bitterness isn't there as I'm pretty sure specialty coffee isn't supposed to be anyhow.

That's my review. Would I recommend it? Yes. I did just order the donut shop, too, because I never tried that before. I had to wait for this one first because you never know. For specialty coffee that's shipped when it's roasted for this price, it's a good deal.

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Nice flavor I enjoyed it very much.

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The French vanilla coffee is really good. So nice to have so many flavors to choose from. I'll be buying more.

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I ordered the pumpkin spice and it was so good. I just ordered the French vanilla and pecan pie and I can't wait to get those. I'll be ordering from this website from now on. The coffee is good!!!!!! 💯

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Better than Dunkin

I figured I'd give these a try as my usual go to is Dunkin for their pods. I've been drinking that for years. I did my own experiment and made one of these and one of Dunkins pods. All I'm going to say is that these are much better. That's only my opinion. These were a little more in price but the taste is better. And the quality is much higher. The effect was immediate. You just know. And it's fresh. I was hoping for all of that because I didn't want to have to give them away. They'll last me a decent while and maybe I'll subscribe next time. We'll see.

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