About Us

"Specialty Grade Coffee isn't a drink, it is a moment."

Fresh Roasted Specialty Coffee

At SpecialtyGradeCoffee.com, you'll always receive 100% fresh bags of roasted to order specialty coffee. All orders ship free the same day roasted in small batches. When you receive your order at your doorstep, the aroma of fresh flavor will have you in coffee bliss. And we keep it simple. No fancy names!

High Quality

Specialty Grade

Our coffee beans are specialty grade, with cupping scores of 80+, sourced from smallholder farmers around the world - highest quality coffee. The final product is an exceptional cup of coffee with exceptional flavor. It doesn't get better than specialty grade. In fact, the only thing better is our prices.

Ethically Focused Coffee Shop

We try our best!

  • Specialty Grade Coffee understands the importance of ethical standards, sustainability and farmer support. That's why we're happy to donate out-of-pocket to a great cause, while taking part in an incredible journey in this world of coffee agriculture. We salute all of those who dedicate their lives to achieve excellence within the coffee culture.

  • Every bag we sell is fully recyclable or compostable and all of our packing and shipping materials are curbside recyclable. We encourage all of our valued customers to recycle appropriately.

  • At SpecialtyGradeCoffee.com, we take pride in delivering the highest quality, freshest specialty coffees. We offer a prestigious collection of specialty coffees, guaranteed to satisfy your higher standards. From the beginning of planting the seed, to the roasting and bagging, the entire process is meticulously cared for. This isn't regular coffee, it's specialty grade.

  • Take advantage, subscribe and save 10%. Enjoy the lowest possible prices we can offer you! There's no obligation. You can change items, pause or cancel anytime. High quality. Low prices. Free shipping.

Satisfying Options

Choose from whole bean, standard grind, espresso grind and coarse grind. The freshest way to drink our specialty coffee is grinding whole beans yourself. Experiment, perfect and enjoy every sip.


Great Reason

to purchase your specialty coffee from us is because Specialty Grade Coffee is a proud member of World Coffee Research, a non-profit. Their mission is to grow, protect and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it. Everything is more specialty at Specialty Grade Coffee.

Core Values

Boldness - Continuous Improvement - Customer Commitment - Honesty - Humility - Integrity - Making a Difference - Passion - Persistence

Farmer Support

Every bag of coffee sold supports WCR, who assist farmers with the tools, knowledge and plants necessary to adapt to the changing climate. Our WCR membership and donations further help the cause.